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Holy Shifting Timelines

Holy Shifting Timelines the Cosmic Council through Pat Crosby

The family of Earth includes those of you in bio bodies as well as those of you in spirit who oversee this rapidly shifting planet. To remind you, we all work together — many taking turns in and out of bio bodies. Some have never assumed Earth biological bodies even though we have had long tenure with this amazing little powerhouse of a planet, which is now shedding its density layers and shining ever more brilliantly. This lovely little planet is an apple in the eye of the Creator’s vast vision. Our team includes embodied humans, ancestor humans, future humans, angels, christed galactics, divine masters of many dimensions, and our one true source of all that is.

You hear many ideas, many fantasies, about what is afoot in this shift. Much is known about the unfolding progress of any planet in the midst of its frequencyraising adventure. This little planet is not alone in this journey. It is part of a web — a grid — of interconnecting galactic nodes that work together to bring changes through these interconnections. They are shared on the warp and weave of creation.