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The Great Reset

The Great Reset The group and Observer and the Keeper of Time through Steve Rother

The group: Greetings from Home. We join you this day with great joy to show you important items directly ahead on your path. As lightworkers on planet Earth, you have come with an intent to do specific things that further your growth as an individual spirit. However, there is also a collective energy that you all work within. It could be said that these are contracts outside of the individual. And right now, we see humanity moving in the direction of these collective contracts.

The pendulum of Earth is now swinging, reaching extremes in the redistribution of the planet’s water and surface heat. She is balancing multiple areas simultaneously, as the great experiment of humanity continues to expand. The race for information has opened doors that will never again close. The hearts and minds of humans struggle to keep up with the many alternate realities that are available to house such diverse belief systems. Humans are still so easily divided at this beginning stage of the rapid evolution that is underway.