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The Empath's Portal

The Empath's Portal The Heart of the Mother through Sarah Weiss

Before you read this, I urge you to turn within and sense the coming year. You already know how 2023 is going to unfold. Universal wisdom stored in the akashic records is now open to all seekers. Take a moment and sense the year’s flow, and allow visions, sensations, sounds, and revelations to vibrate into your awareness. Check with your body, and find out what it knows about the future.

There are so many ways of knowing what lies ahead for you. Hold the revelations lightly until you feel sure they arise out of your heart and not your mind. Claim your power, and become the oracle you seek. No one knows more than you, but some may be more skillful at reading signs, sensing energies, or overcoming the fear that prevents the truth from becoming conscious. Read on, but do not give your power away.