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My girlfriend’s father passed away a week and a half ago and was bedridden for the last several weeks of his life. In my very vivid, seemingly nonsensical dream this morning, he was upright and moving around pretty well. I was very concerned about him doing so, but my girlfriend and her mom seemed to think all was fine. He then started teetering and stumbled to the bathroom while simultaneously dropping his drawers, whipping out his ( freakishly large) member, and sitting down forcefully on the toilet. He then proceeded to pee all over the shower wall and then the entire bathroom. Thank God I woke up at that point. This one may be imprinted on my brain forever. Help! — Steve, Daytona Beach, FL

From Lauri: Peeing in a dream is usually about relieving yourself of frustration, anger, or some sort of negativity. Even though your girlfriend’s father was the one peeing, it’s your dream, so this is more likely about your frustration, anger, or other negativity. Is there anything like that going on with you? It may or may not have to do with the father, but he could symbolize something or someone who perhaps has been acting like a “giant penis” lately.