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Cleansing and Harmonizing

Cleansing and Harmonizing Egyptian Cat Beings through Mary Elizabeth Hoffman

November 2022 brings a huge emotional cleansing of earth, sea, and humanity with the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in late Pisces. The clarification of much-muddied waters — emotional, ancestral, or physical — will take place as all blockages (debris, beliefs, bridges) are swept up in cleansing storms to make way for a more balanced flow of the new energies now entering planet Earth. This could show up personally or have more global effects and consequences. Alignment with water elementals as well as the development of a balanced reciprocal relationship with them is beneficial now to remain clear and move expansively within the cosmic flow of what is taking place on Earth.

The T-square between three of the points of avatar with other planets (the Moon conjunct Saturn in Aquarius; the Sun, Venus, and the Moon’s south node in Scorpio; Uranus; and the Moon’s north node in Taurus) signals transformational portals of harmonization through which beings, energies, and human souls might come and go to discover the soul-heart’s destiny and path. Heart transformations bring new and harmonious loving energies destined to signal powerful changes as the original cosmically aligned Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies seek balance and harmony within each person, regardless of physical, spiritual, or emotional gender. This will affect Earth and all upon it, as only through balanced reciprocity and harmony is it possible to continue to exist in 3D expanding into 5D and beyond.