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Claim Harmony in All Aspects of Life

Claim Harmony in All Aspects of Life Kira Raa

In my close to twenty years of having the honor to call forth this process, the November-December 2022 balancing sequence is so richly unique that it took my breath away. This moment of cocreated opportunity fully opens the window to claim harmony in all aspects of life without limitation. Imagine the freedom and the manifest energy that is yours to command — now.

Both culminating moments in this year of stunning up-level expansions loudly remind us that the key is to move forward with ever-greater sincerity, love, and presence. The fear energy sustaining the “revitalization” of the fourth dimension is everywhere. If you choose to command the light of your divine mastery presence, claiming the harmony and abundance of this energy offers grace, ease, and peace as your tools to navigate the moments of now and the soon-to-be now.