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Allow the Heart to Lead

Allow the Heart to Lead The Pleiadian Collective through Saiedah Rose

Perhaps at this time in your Earth collective, you wonder what is the best way to navigate through these erratic times. It can seem overwhelming to know what to do, so you desire to know what is coming at all times so that you may be prepared. We tell you that this is precisely what we want to share with you as a means of assistance. Preparation is not so much what you know on a mental level but what you feel in your heart.

Your heart carries within it the wisdom of all times and bears the wisdom integrated from your experiences. It is this energy that you should look to in order to lead yourselves into the future. In the times ahead, we ask that you not succumb to the illusions of the mind that lead you into thinking that you must always know in order to be ready for what is to come. How can you truly know what is to come when the nature of reality is ever changing and shifting with the flow of energies that always move through it?