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Acceleration of Conscious Choices

Acceleration of Conscious Choices Ascended Master Hilarion through Lightstar

Greetings, beloveds. I greet you with the utmost love and brilliance. There is so much love in your world, even though most of you do not see it or feel it, especially in the past few years of time on your planet Earth with its vast array of upheavals, disturbances, and suffering. Some of you might feel as if we are not with you because we are in the higher echelons of dimensions, but that is not the case.

Our bandwidth of frequencies might seem out of touch, but it is accessible to all. We want you to be empowered, strengthened, and to carry the wisdom that you have the ability to rise above your suffering. All ascended masters are on active duty at this time and have been deployed in their respective areas of expertise. They are working with many of you as we speak.