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2023: A Year of Profound Catalytic Healing

2023: A Year of Profound Catalytic Healing The Sirian Blue White Collective through Dr. John Ryan

Greetings, dear ones. We come to you at this time as we explore the energies of your future year, 2023. As we attune to your energy, we can sense the deep fatigue that so many are feeling as humanity works its way through the patterns of change that you are experiencing on a personal and global scale.

We sense the luminous hope you feel in your hearts; however, we also sense the weighty veils of energy that emerge as the planet lifts itself out of historical density. These are, no doubt, challenging times. However, you are beings of powerful luminous energy. We join you in these moments to help remind you of the energy you hold in the inner sanctum of your being; it is a light that is now emerging so powerfully and in such a transformative way that you are lifted by its grace.