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You Are at the Collective Crossroads

You Are at the Collective Crossroads The Pleiadians through Sylvia Bucek

Information for the new reality is coming in the language of light, which is the soul’s mother tongue. To the extent that you are in touch with your motherland, the living Earth, your native language is coming back to you. These days, it might feel as if you are picking up the thread of a long-interrupted conversation. As a soul in human form, you know light language by heart. Its energies transcend time and space.

Within the human scope of linear perception, you have mostly forgotten that, as a soul in human form, you are free to ride transcendent energies to bypass the mindset that keeps you from knowing yourself as a being of light. Thus, you step into a new human story that, in truth, is a continuation of your original story that brings into fruition the expression of your multidimensional potential as a luminous human being.