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The Year of Choice

The Year of Choice Teacher and Divine Mother and Ancient One through Miriandra Rota

Teacher: Greetings, yes, I am Teacher. I come forth to speak with you about your upcoming year of two thousand and twenty-two. There are lots of twos, as they say. I have called this the year of choice — your choice — and this is what I am referring to, my dears: The year 2022 will be filled with much turmoil, as you may expect, worldwide and nationwide. This turmoil is occurring for one reason and one reason only: to continue to capture your attention, your devoted energies to what is occurring, your tendency to judge what is right and what is wrong, and your deep caring for the state of humanity and Earth. Why?

If you have been receiving my teachings, you are well aware of the reason that all this capturing of your attention is occurring. Those who are in power are feeling the change in consciousness, and they have a fear. Their fear is that they will lose control. In truth, nothing they do is going to stop that. Isn’t that the grand news? Yes. Why?