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A Time of Confusion, Clarity, and Change

A Time of Confusion, Clarity, and Change St. Germain through Molly Rowland

The year 2021 was a 5 year, a year of changes — and change it has. Humans have been confused in their attempts to respond to massive shifts in the ways of the past. Attempts to look away solve nothing, as anywhere one might look is filled with transformation and chaos. The old ways are blowing away like smoke from a notso-distant fire.

Some passionately desire to rule rather than lead, and leaders are feeling the influx of conscious memory of how divine laws serve the whole. Spirit blends opposites so that the choices made are seen from a much broader perspective. Those such as the Taliban and certain emerging hopefuls wish to control the masses by force and use the people to line their pockets. The ego-mind seeks to create chaos and divide the people of Earth more than ever. More people are waking up every day, and their awareness can lead to changes that assist evolution and raise the consciousness of the whole. The fear of change is spotlighted in every country, government, mind, and heart on the planet.