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Re-create Paradise on Earth

Re-create Paradise on Earth Archangel Michael through Ronna

Beloved masters, as humanity and Earth make ready for the next great leap in evolution and expanded consciousness, all is being shaken to the deepest core of existence. The higher you reach toward enlightenment, the deeper you must go into the core essence of your past. As you tap into the memory cells of your cosmic past and become aware of your royal heritage, you also remember how it was when your reality and the world seemed to be upside down; everything that was familiar swiftly changed in some manner or was swept away, often through wars between races and nations or by ecological disasters via the elements of nature: fire, water, air/wind, and earth movement.

Every human on Earth is in the midst of an evolutionary crisis. At some level, multitudes are striving to shake off the residual thought patterns, habits, and density of their animal/human nature. There are also many of you who have functioned as refined beings of humanity for many lifetimes and are now moving into the realms of spiritual/human beings, whereby your immortal souls are burning brightly within and your auric fields are overlighted by the eternal spirit essence of our Father/Mother God.