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Prepare for a New Life

Prepare for a New Life Archangel Metatron through Thelma Bodnar

Blessings, beloveds, in all realms and stratospheres. As your year winds down, this seems an appropriate time to plan for your new year and new expectations. Spirituality is all about flow and living without getting everything you want, in the way you want it, and in the time frame you want. Life doesn’t usually unfold that way. Though, moments of perfection can certainly take you by surprise.

You take many things for granted, especially those of you living in the United States. You have freedoms, rights, rules, and laws. Some are written while others are expected of decent human beings and citizens of a free country. You also have rules for yourselves: how you think, do your work, write your words, bathe, conduct rituals before bed and after waking, and so on. Your inner guidance expands and contracts as you maneuver your daily lives.