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Portents of Rapid Change

Portents of Rapid Change Pallas Athena and Archangels in the Realms of Light and Saint Germaine and Mother Mary through Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

Pallas Athena: There is a unifying action and movement across Earth that is the most powerful on the planet today, and that is the awakening. With millions of souls engaged and enlightened ones from higher realms implementing great change, nothing on Earth will be the same. This is the long-heralded time. This is the moment the great shift occurs, and this positive change will continue despite the increased control and harm taking place on the planet.

Souls of Earth are coming of age. They are entering a new time and a new energy and frequency pattern known in higher realms. Many are here to demonstrate the great awakening and lead others to evolve in natural and timely ways. It is the awakening to the illumined self and the greater life that wants to be fulfilled in a sacred destiny on Earth. It is a call to those still sleeping, telling them that this is the time to come of age and have the glorious light within unveiled.