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Planetary Wisdom for New Times

Planetary Wisdom for New Times Lord Melchizedek through Rae Chandran

Blessed souls, I greet you in the sacred divinity of your heart. We, the light realm, are in support of humanity and have been anchoring much light onto the Earth plane. More and more high-intensity light will be anchored in coming months, and this will bring about more changes. Emissaries from the monasteries of light are anchoring light codes to create a new thought form for the Earth plane. In addition, the Triple Goddess of Light (Mother Mary, Lady Nada, and Lady Kwan Yin) anchor their pink sphere of light into the waterways to shift the frequencies of the severely polluted water molecules.

Greater understanding is brought forth regarding the shift of the energies and frequencies of Earth’s elements (earth, wind, water, and fire) so that you can retain higher light. It is only natural that as you shift in consciousness and hold more light, the elements within your carbon-based body also shift to be more in alignment with your opening and expanding lightbody template. It is time for humans to realize their role in changing planetary consciousness. To make this shift, at least 4 percent of people on the planet must awaken. This can be achieved and might happen by the year 2035.