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New Portals of Integration

New Portals of Integration Chief Big Bear through Saryon Michael White

Saryon: A new portal of integration is opening within us and within Earth. It connects us with the Native American master elders and indigenous guardian spirits who reside on the inner planes. As this began to occur in the summer of 2021, a new spiritual guide came through named Mistahi-maskwa, also known as Chief Big Bear.

Chief Big Bear revealed through a series of messages that a cosmic spiritual wind is beginning to blow over the world and activate a mostly dormant layer of energy in the human aura that enhances our connection with one another and with the animals. It also makes it easier to blend energies with the spirits of the animals and to commune with our spiritual guides. Ascended masters Kuthumi, Djwhal Khul, and Saint Germain have all begun to speak of a new vibratory layer of reality forming globally that we are now beginning to integrate and step into.