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Magic Is the New Real

Magic Is the New Real Ilona Anne Hress

I am sure that you have noticed how fast the world is changing and how deeply this impacts your life. Accelerated by the worldwide pandemic, the transformation we are going through has often made our experience of the world grim, stressful, lonely, uncertain, fearful, and solemn. Collectively, we are desperate for light, inspiration, hope, and vision, things to look forward to and be excited about, and ways to create a better path forward. The paradigm that we have built our world on does not provide much of any of that. Our institutions and systems no longer function and are falling apart.

To resolve the current problems and overcome the challenges of this time, we must reexamine the foundations of what we believe creates our reality and directs the unfolding of our lives. When we build a house, we have to make the foundation strong enough to hold whatever structure we put on top of it, preferably considering future extensions and remodels. Our current paradigm can no longer support the additions and expansions of our rapidly evolving consciousnesses, which is why almost every fundamental structure in our lives is collapsing. We must go back to the bare bones of what we believe creates our reality and build our new world from there.