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Light the Way

Light the Way The Committee through Laura Scott

Dear ones, we of the Committee bring you infinite love, support, and rapture from beyond the Pleiades. We are most happy to assist during this important earthly time, for your next few years are indeed most pivotal. This present moment is always vital. We witness vast arrays of your journeys and hear your calls for support. You are never truly alone.

You are experiencing a confluence of energetic laws, as consciousness of your species evolves. The universal law of grow or go is active presently, leaving some of you to shake your heads or other body parts. However, no amount of arm-waving, finger-pointing, or handwringing can force growth. Growth is an internal job best approached softly. This is sometimes lost in the high emotional circuitry of human wiring. We understand that you are a profoundly emotional species curiously passionate about a wide variety of sometimes inconsequential things. We say this with utmost reverence and love. We remain fascinated and steadfast in our devotion to your growth. We encourage more of this growth, always and in all ways. As the vessel [Laura Scott] often says: “This becomes you.” We agree.