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Learning from Mother Earth

Learning from Mother Earth Johosephat through Greg Branson and Bartholomew through Anthony Lapsley and Alexander through Robin Baldock

Johosephat: Gaia is awakening and emerging most strongly in seas and lakes. Water is the element for your times to counter the overreliance on the air-throat energy brought forward by the Aquarian Age. So many in your populations, particularly the young, are resolutely expressing themselves from their throat chakras while doing little grounding. We suggest that if you have a more balanced outlook and wish to reach into Earth to uncover her secrets, spend time with Gaia’s energy, which is now being distributed across countries via Earth’s major rivers.

Bartholomew: In London, sit along the River Thames to feel a powerful confluence of energies that connects across many centuries. That energy is expanding and encouraging you to broaden your perception of these energy vortexes. This does not require immersing in the waters; just filter the energy through the land at the point you choose.