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The Endgame of Illusion

The Endgame of Illusion Archangel Michael through Donna Ferri

This year, you’ll know something you didn’t know before, or you might have discerned it and prayed to know the outcome. You’re not the only one, because the veil of illusion is parting wider in 2022. You’ll realize that you’re not blocked, and things aren’t too heavy to resolve. Even those not usually open to light will see what you know and begin to do their part in this important year, because from the cosmic to the physical, 2022 officially opens the endgame of illusion.

A cosmic edict has already gone forth as enough have petitioned for help from angelic realms. The planet — indeed, the solar system — has contended with not just mischief but grave error long enough. The evil of illusion was once enfolded in a magician’s sleeve, and people missed the trick. Now more people have developed third eye discernment. They see that sleight of hand and call for the containment of things springing into the third dimensional