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Be Strong and Hold the Light

Be Strong and Hold the Light Ashtar Command and Ascension Angels and the New Children through Jayne Chilkes

Jayne: Recently, I have received many messages that the light is penetrating the dark forces trying to control our world and humanity. Many good people in our old systems are doing all they can to help humanity behind the scenes. I have been told that we will probably never know all the details and that we need to have absolute faith that much is being done for a peaceful transition toward ascension.

All universes are ascending, not just ours, and keen eyes focus on Earth to make sure we have a smooth road ahead despite the desires of the planet’s powers that be. The light is always stronger than the dark even when we are told otherwise. Each prayer and positive thought for the good of all supports the New Earth frequencies that are already available to us. The way to hold our sovereignty is to give more love to the world. Our positive thoughts and love matter.