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The Astrological Structure of Ascension

The Astrological Structure of Ascension Robert FitzGerald

The process of ascension is structured in the Taurus ascendant zodiac empowered by the astrological technology of the seven-planet axis mundi. As the mother goddess of creation and heaven, the planet Venus sits at the center point of the axis, the fourth position within seven planets. Below her at the fifth level down from the top sits Mercury, signifying division between unity above and duality below. This Mercury position is the demarcation between heaven and Earth or between heaven and hell.

At the bottom, the sixth level down, the Moon ruling Cancer resides beside the Sun ruling Leo. This indicates the physical world in which division is made manifest in the image of the feminine Moon and mother Cancer, separate from the masculine Sun and warrior-hero Leo. Here we have reality presented as opposing qualities and elements — light and dark, right and wrong, good and evil, and so on. Our physical world operates from this level.