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Accept the Power of the Collective

Accept the Power of the Collective Archangel Metatron through Natalie Glasson

Each year of Earth’s time is categorized and brings focus to a phase of the continuous ascension process unfolding for all on Earth and the inner planes. While the Creator cannot be labeled, described, or bound in any way, the calendar system of Earth encourages a deeper consideration of the ascension journey. Within each year, you can recognize a theme or general understanding of the blossoming and remembrance each soul might recognize and experience.

We enter 2022 as a collective energy. It might not appear so, but during 2021, an unveiling and recognition of the collective consciousness of humanity and those on the inner planes occurred. At an energetic — and to some extent mental — level, souls have been focusing on the understanding and experience of oneness and union. Thus, at an energetic level, powerful fusion and empowerment are focused on the connection of all beings with each other and the Creator.