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Yours to Create

Yours to Create Lord Melchizedek through Natalie Glasson

Greetings. I am Lord Melchizedek. I come forth with the collective and loving energy of the ascended masters on the inner planes. We wish to share with you insights and ideas to support your growth and understanding in 2021.

The journey of 2020 was confusing and destabilizing for many people on Earth. It also brought forth clarity, a new vision, and a deepening of self-understanding. While many people are unclear why certain situations manifested in 2020, a growing knowledge and eagerness to recognize the Creator’s truth is dawning.

The beginning of 2020 saw the anchoring of the light blaze, a powerful wave of energy from the Creator to magnify and amplify light throughout the universe and Earth. The light blaze promised to create more light than ever experienced on Earth. An awakening and release of fear manifested from Earth and released stagnant fear and negativity that had been stored throughout many years and even civilizations. The only way to truly release the stagnant fear and negativity was through humanity’s healing. This process continues, and many people dedicate their time and service to supporting and assisting the erasure of fear from Mother Earth.