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You Create 2021

You Create 2021 Angels Ariel and Raphael through Adria Estribou

Angel Raphael: So many of you wonder what is afoot in the coming year, given what 2020 brought. Could things get worse? Could they get better? Some of you have been experiencing this time as a tremendous uplift into wider energies and gifts — the shaking up and disbanding of outmoded realities and the lessening of bondage toward those old realities.

Angel Ariel: Some of you have experienced this time in 2020 as severe restriction, limitation, inhibition of free will and free movement, fear of illness, and so on. So which viewpoint is correct, and what happens in the coming year?

It’s not easy to say for all humanity that one thing will happen. This has always been the case. As we enter 2021, it’s even less likely that we can give a broad swath of predictions that encompass everyone, because as your will to choose becomes stronger, as the energies of change are most available to all, your choices become more disparate. The choice you make about your life and the choice your neighbor makes about her life are quite different. You literally live in different worlds now.