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You Are the Power of Peace

You Are the Power of Peace The Great Wisdom through Judith K. Moore

The Source of Divine Oneness has touched your soul, awakening your consciousness. You have quickened, time has accelerated, and you now stand in the center of the Sacred Source as an element of change. What does this mean? It means you have experienced a power that is incomprehensible, changing you and shifting your reality. Now you have a sense of purpose although you do not always know how it will manifest.

Look around you. You are at the center of the sacred circle of creation. All around you, the nature of reality is being transformed from chaotic duality to harmonious oneness. You are the witness of what does not abide by the universal law of oneness. You are aware of the imbalance, the illusion that creates separation. As a witness, you perceive and are sensitive to what is out of balance. You feel more deeply the suffering, grief, shock, and pain that humanity has caused. And you are inspired to take action, be it in the way you speak, the things you do, or how you perceive situations. Your actions are acts of change. Your light and love heal all that is out of balance with the law of love.

“How can this be?” you might ask. By divine law, lightbeings are awakened and witnessing what must be healed. You are often not aware of your healing power and that you bring light to all you see and witness. But the truth is that you do, and you do so by being who you are, with integrity and faith.