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The Year of Crystalline Integration

The Year of Crystalline Integration Sirian Blue White Collective through Dr. John Ryan

Dearest being of light, it is no surprise when we tell you that your year of 2020 has been very challenging — a year full of mystery, confusion, broken patterns, and revelations. This will continue for a period to come, but a much deeper integration of light is unfolding, creating a crystalline foundation for many new and marvelous things. This brings us to the power of 2021 — a year of deep crystalline integration.

As we entered 2020, we shared that the year would bring a powerful acceleration of healing that would empower the inner spiritual light of healing to come. For those of you working at the edges of quantum healing and on the integration of light in your quantum DNA, you understand the truth in this message. Many of you have witnessed this new and expanding energy that holds great healing power and appears in your meditations and healing sessions.

Your light is becoming increasingly palpable and visible. This spiritual, or quantum, light is new to your planet in many ways, and it is accessible to a larger human group for integration. Earth is also changing in powerful ways, which supports the weave of this new energy into the crystalline network of Gaia. This network will serve as the bedrock of light upon which a new temple of light will be built — a construct of awakening through the human heart.