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Wake Up to the Living Earth

Wake Up to the Living Earth The Pleiadians through Sylvia Bucek

All people and animals — all living things — are part of sacred life on Earth, and the same energy that grows trees and flowers drives human creation. Trees, flowers, animals, and people all play integral roles in the big picture.

Humanity might or might not recognize that it has the wherewithal to create a facsimile of life where the living Earth is largely forgotten. Do not overthink it. Regardless how the brain is wired, you human beings are predisposed to experience an insular reality where it is possible to fall into the drama triangle that is perpetuated through conflicted thinking and played out globally. The only way to exit the program is to wake up to the living Earth and give life a chance. The quickest way to achieve this is to let go and let God.

You will begin to remember ahead as well as back. You will recall profound wisdom and ancient knowledge from a blessed era from what seems like eons ago in Earth’s history, when people lived in accord with the laws of the universe. You will uncover suppressed secrets that offer a new paradigm for a future that is everything you imagine life could be, that you might access through pure thoughts you multiply to the power of infinity.