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Two Worlds Colliding!

Two Worlds Colliding! Lady Portia and Count St. Germain through Star Hinman

Star: The concept of two worlds colliding refers to the action of two huge energies — or two realities — colliding together. And it is not that the light opposes the dark energies. Instead, there is such tremendous light energy coming to Earth that Earth is being transformed! Whenever these two energies come together, the light is such a tremendous force of energy that the dark energies are simply transmuted or vaporized.

Lady Portia: Greetings, dear ones. As you might imagine, witnessing this process of transmutation has caused the dark energies to be in a state of fear, if not complete terror. They can see that their forces cannot successfully oppose these tremendous energies of light. While they are in this state of sheer terror, they are literally throwing everything they have into human consciousness. They think that if they can at least control the consciousness of people on Earth, this will give them a foothold toward controlling the narrative, which will then allow them to control the energies on Earth.

However, this strategy is not going to be successful. Instead, it is failing — even as we speak. We want to reveal to you now the truth of this situation. See the huge image of the lightships coming from everywhere in the universe to support Earth, because they know that this is a crucial moment in this process of the enlightenment of the planet. We only describe this point in time as a crucial moment because there is so much opposition to the light appearing now.