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The Times They Are a-Changin’

The Times They Are a-Changin’ Various Beings through Greg Branson & Robin Baldock

Bartholomew: Things are moving very fast. You are aware of the explosion that occurred in Beirut, Lebanon [August 4, 2020]. These kinds of events will continue to be triggered by energies erupting from inside the earth until you humans get your acts together, as you say. Nothing happens that is not brought into being by you collectively, and that includes the other kingdoms on your planet.

You are being encouraged to understand the naturalness of everything that happens. The coronavirus will not go away, and these turbulent events will not cease until you stop resisting the lessons to be learned and start to seriously carry out the acts of transformation being asked of you. This is not the time to assert individuality at the expense of community and global cohesion. Many of you believe your freedoms are being taken away and forces out of your control are being imposed on you.

In fact, none of you is being forced by the state or your family or any other human authority to sublimate yourself to the detriment of your destiny plan. You are being asked to stand shoulder to shoulder and stride forward with integrity, marching for a different kind of freedom while creating what is laid out for you to achieve. We wish to see equality of spirit with no one artificially higher than another. This allows relationships born out of unconditional love to develop and continue through the coming crises.