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Time to Steer Your Own Ship

Time to Steer Your Own Ship Homer through Susan Sampson

I am here. I am Homer from the time of the great ships and explorations, from the time of Earth’s creation, and from when ideas floated in the formless universe before time. I am one of many who hold this planet in the vibration from a breeze through the forest, a distant song of rain, and water trickling through the land. There are many vibrations that create the resonance that is Earth. Is that not amazing? So, we begin.

Next year will be a busy year in ways that are good for the planet and its people. However, there will also be firebrands discontent with the failure of their beliefs to come to fruition. Remember, this time on Earth is all about the pulling apart of those who wish to continue their paths to enlightenment from those who wish for their society and civilization to continue on their existing path. In terms of resolution, this is not going to end with a bang. Rather, it depends on the choices each individual makes.

Conflict is good, because it causes many to examine their truths and beliefs. War, however, is the domination of one system of thought over those who think and believe differently. War must be obsolete for the golden age of the planet to come to fruition. There will be a rise of enlightened thinking, but it will take generations for the full flower of benevolent society to blossom.