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A Time of Shadow and Illusion

A Time of Shadow and Illusion Anubis through Kenneth Drake

Beloved fellow god, it is important that we speak to you concerning the season to come so that you do not faint, lose heart, or return to slumber. As some among you have often said, you are experiencing what might be termed a dark night of the soul. Some among you have declared of the current year: “We have never experienced such.” So it seems. But from the dawning of the earthly plane through ages past, such times have always been. Earth has seen moments of turmoil, upheaval, war, and rumors of wars. This is nothing new; it only seems so.

As you step into the newness of your upcoming season, we will not lie to you: It will seem as though the collective will linger in the dark night. But this is only from your linear and carnal perspective. You have witnessed what can only be described as division, tumult, and chaos within your culture and on your streets. The more powerful among you have served only to capitalize on these apparent divisions, saying there are better, more sacred ways. Yet they provide nothing.

The political dimension within your world will continue to play on your fears, even more than before. While speaking of true need for change, they will capitalize on divisions to support their power rather than speak plainly of what truly is. Blood will still run in the streets, as some among you continue to believe in the illusion of division and separation. Leaders among you will say, “We promote the light, and they promote the darkness.” But all are merely shadows that you, as the collective, have created.