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The Shift toward Collective Leadership

The Shift toward Collective Leadership The Divine through Sara Wiseman

The Aquarian Age dawns. On the solstice of December 2020, we entered the Age of Aquarius, which will last until 2159, and at last, life is better. For the next 139 years — multiple generations — we will release old structures and begin the thrilling task of pioneering a new future. The Age of Pisces is over, and with it, tumbles the beliefs we’ve been living with since 1413: rulers and religion, conquest and control, and sin and separation. Now Aquarius is here, and we move to create a system based on collaborative and collective leadership. We become pioneers who set out to build a New Earth based on the understanding that our true power — and the only possibility for a future on this planet — comes from oneness.

The pressure cooker of 2020 — both viral and political — caused most of us to question everything in our lives. Now here we are, on the waning side of quarantine and chaos, and we see how drastically power has shifted. The Silent Generation leaves the planet in droves. The Boomers realize they have lost control, and their impending mortality now preoccupies them. Those generations, raised on fear-mongering and an us-versus-them mentality, recede.

In 2021, masculine, top-down rule gives way to feminine collaboration with many views. In all areas of leadership, all kinds of people step forward to lead together as an inclusive collective — all voices heard, working for the good of the whole.