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Reconnect with the Elemental Realms

Reconnect with the Elemental Realms Fabienne Fooij-Tilghman

What is a prediction, other than a possible timeline that becomes more probable as more attention and focus are placed on it? Wouldn’t it be amazing if humanity placed more focus on coming closer in harmony with the elementals and devic angels? These realms could teach us a lot about how to care for our beloved planet. I, for one, want to make every effort to facilitate this reconnection, both for grownups and especially for children. Children are, and always have been, our future.

In many communities around our beautiful planet, the elemental realms are still very much parts of people’s everyday lives. Think of countries such as Ireland or Iceland, where locals can tell you which houses are most likely to be visited by the little people, or they can point out a road that was rerouted to not to disturb the elves. Even some Native American tribes report little people in their oral traditions.

Revered channeled works, such as Archangel Michael’s messages through Ronna Herman Vezane and The Gnosis and The Law by Tellis S. Papastavro, acknowledge devic and elemental realms. They speak of the angelic, human, and elemental realms as being parts of the same grand experiment. Humanity was to come to planet Earth, or Gaia, and create heaven on Earth. We were to be spiritually supported by the angelic kingdom and also assisted by the elementals, who agreed to out-picture the energies and thought forms that humanity projected.