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Prophecy Fulfilled

Prophecy Fulfilled The Highest Light Team through Heather Kristian Strang

While multiple, simultaneous timelines and realities are coalescing during these powerful times, the highest timeline and the highest destiny wishes to manifest to you and through you. Can you feel it calling? Can you feel the prophetic nature of this time calling the true you?

If you lean in even more to your heart center, you will feel this calling. It calls you more fully now, for the times you are living in have long been prophesied. They have appeared in the pages of your wise books and in the stories that run through your traditions: a time will come — a pinnacle, a peak, a summit, if you will — when the degree of misalignment taking place could no longer continue, and Earth will rise up and require, with staunch deliberateness, that you also rise up.

So you are here. This time has been foretold, and now it is here before you. What comes next contains the propensity to deliver what you have always known you were meant to experience. It contains the potentiality of your greatest and truest self and the greatest and truest selves of all those around you.