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Prepare Your Body for the Energy Shift

Prepare Your Body for the Energy Shift Norma Marna and Adora through Jenine Beecher

Norma: While 2020 was a rough year, it had light moments to remember. Your people had subtle wins and successes. An uprising in humanity gave greatness a chance to come through, and new voices found platforms to be louder and have more influence.

For 2021, a new light on your planet will bring voices that speak to a bigger and brighter new day. This new light will provide opportunity and foresight, and influences that had not had voices will come into being. People with extraordinary gifts — psychic mediumship and other metaphysical abilities — will have opportunities to rise and use their gifts to offer more influence and provide insight and vision into the boundless possibilities available to those who are moving forward.

All your voices must get stronger, deeper, and livelier. They must be pronounced, and they must be heard. You must have the courage to go forth with your voices intact and be ready to be accepted as influential. Tone, tact, structure, and choosing certain words at the right times are all important details that will help you move into this next, brighter new year.