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The Powerful Impact of Building a Simple Love Altar

The Powerful Impact of Building a Simple Love Altar Ken Robinson

Altars are structures that hold and broadcast energy. Anyone can build them, and they don’t take long to construct. Even a simple altar can create a flow of love and healing that moves the world. This picture shows an altar I built at the end of August 2020 to bring loving and healing energies to a forest fire in the Sangre de Cristo mountains in Santa Fe County, New Mexico, and to all forest fires in the world.

I was inspired to do this when sitting on a hill across from the valley where the New Mexico fire intensely burned. Firefighters were up in that steep terrain. Smoke floated around the area, affecting thousands of people. Residents living closer to the fire were greatly concerned that flames might come close to their homes. Of course, trees, plants, wildlife, and streams were enormously affected.

As I sat on the hill, I felt a great love for all the people, beings, and land being impacted, and I wanted to do something; I didn’t like the idea of feeling powerless. I grew very quiet and listened. The Sun warmed my back, and a gentle breeze caressed my face. The idea of making an altar then popped into my mind, as if nature herself had inspired it.