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No More “You” and “Them”

No More “You” and “Them” The Galactic Council through Blanca Beyar

Gracious blessings to you, children of Earth. We hold you in the greatest field of reverence and celebration. Through your collective and relentless courage, perseverance, and commitment to the ascension of Earth, you have succeeded in establishing and anchoring sufficient light-stream energies for Earth to rise in her vibration. It is important to understand that although there have been incredible achievements, there is still much that needs to be completed and established before the unveiling of the New Eden. We wish to share with you how you can proceed as you arrive closer to the experience of the New Earth.

You have done well in not engaging in others’ realities, and you must continue to do so. Continue to use your inner vision, knowledge, and heart energy to create your new reality and inner world. In doing so, you not only create your new reality; you also fuel the creation of the new-paradigm Eden. You will surely observe the rise of many other realities, but it is important to remember that although you are all intergalactically connected, you possess the creative ability to create your own scenarios and realities. Every projection formed has an ultimate purpose.

Do not allow yourself to fall off your strong foundation into judgment by the appearance of other realities. Just observe. Be an observer. One of your primary roles as an ascended one is to hold the fields of light and love for humanity and Earth. You will not be able to execute this effectively if you take sides or use justification to fuel the illusion of separation. As the battles rise around you, remain like a lighthouse holding the torch of light and of unconditional love.