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The New Earth Reflects Your Love

The New Earth Reflects Your Love Supreme Creator Goddess through Luanne

Your choice on the New Earth is to create harmony: harmony of soul with Mother Earth, harmony between humans, and peaceful harmony of the heart. The feeling grows within you, opening your heart and soul to new and expansive adventures. Your attitude should be one of wonder and openness, and all that you see around you should reflect this new vision. If it doesn’t, breathe your powerful goddess light and love into the external and look again. Inner life is reflected in the outer, and now it is completely clear.

You are the creator of all. The reflection of the New Earth is your love. Look carefully under, around, and through what you see, and you will find harmony. This is a reflection of the New Earth winking at you and saying, “Yes, I am here. Feel me as I move through your life, changing everything. I change sadness into joy, despair into peace, loss into peaceful expectation, and past memories of unhappiness into quiet contentment. This is what I can do.”

Yes, the New Earth is changing all this, and you are the director. If you only want to fondly remember the old Earth, this wish is yours to make. If you only want to see the good, then this is your vision. If harmony is what you feel, then it is all around you, no matter what the leftover Earth energies show you. You are in harmony with yourself, and that is all that matters. This is the way the New Earth comes into vision: through each breath of love coming out of the mouth of each Earth goddess.