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Mastery in the Time of COVID-19

Mastery in the Time of COVID-19 Goddess Sophia through Karinna Nielsen

Over eons of time, dimensional shifts in consciousness have happened on Earth, and each one has had its own flavor. You have chosen to be present during a time of unprecedented change for you and your planet. What does mastery look like for you at this particular time of such dramatic change? In moving forward through 2021, what can you do to awaken to the mastery that is already within? These are questions to ponder as collective-conscious awareness shifts on Earth.

You have each created a life plan for living on Earth at this time, a blueprint to guide you through this great shift. Held energetically within the pineal gland, your life blueprint has the lessons, healing, and focus of your personal shift into mastery at this time. It even defines your path through the pandemic and all that awaits you in the time to come.

To follow your guidance as laid out in your blueprint, a willingness to embrace change will be essential. As the COVID-19 pandemic runs its course and you experience rapid changes to life on Earth, some might say they want change. But when it comes to changing the self, well, that might not be exactly what they had in mind. When you consciously, and with loving intent, participate in your personal healing process, you approach these times in wonderful ways that benefit your evolutionary growth.