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Magical and Sensory Awareness for New Challenges

Magical and Sensory Awareness for New Challenges Laarkmaa through Pia Orleane & Cullen Smith

We will give you guidance about what is coming in 2021, the process you are going through, and what to expect. For almost two decades, we have shared Laarkmaa’s wisdom and guidance. We will now give you a pattern of what will happen on your planet leading up to, during, and a few months after 2021.

You are in a time of accelerated awakening. We trust most of you reading this are aware that everything is accelerating. Some things in this acceleration process are elemental, such as the increasing number of ships and beings available to assist as more of you awaken at higher levels. As part of the current, accelerating evolution, you become more conscious.

As humans, you have the opportunity to choose your emotions, thoughts, actions, and feelings; everything is a choice. You have the opportunity to constantly bring yourself out from the doom and gloom you feel when you look at what is happening on your planet and shift your focus to an interdimensional or multidimensional understanding of what is truly happening. The third dimension, although it seems very real to you, is simply an illusion. In that illusion, you see much suffering, pain, hunger, discord, conflict, and lies broadcast through your media.