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The Lords of Light

The Lords of Light The Lords of Light through Maureen St. Germain

You ask what may be known about your future on planet Earth. We say to you, there is so much flux in your reality at this time. You can count on January being a little bit chaotic; things will probably not settle down until February. The winter months in the Northern Hemisphere of the United States will be a cooling off and healing time for many.

Many will be back at their jobs in offices and will adjust. Many other companies will have decided that work at home is satisfactory, and they will continue to do so. This will also cut back on some of their expenses for office space.

Twenty twenty-one will be filled with opportunities for exchanges and growth. The economy of most countries will start to transform into more sustainable economies by trying to find ways to look after each other and the environment. There will be more accountability for humans to consider others. Countries have been overwhelmed with the inhumanity that has taken place and will want to right that wrong in a very proactive way.