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Look Forward, Not Back

Look Forward, Not Back St. Germain through Molly Rowland

Dearly beloved masters, everyone knows that the planet is changing. The irony is that people still believe that they will be able to go back to their old ways. They can’t go back, because where Earth is going energetically has nothing to do with where it has been before.

The political scene is reflective of all the chaos on Earth at this time. The focus on money and politics draws attention away from the most important changes that must happen within each individual. There is no one right way to live, create, or move forward because this is a planet of diverse and unique people, each with his or her own perspective. No matter which political party gains apparent control, the conflicts will not cease as long as the belief that war solves everything exists.

Words are powerful tools. There are lots of words being spoken, but no one is really listening to what anyone else is saying. Opinions are not necessarily truth. When truth is spoken, it has a dynamic effect. Opinions are thrown about without much regard because there is so little respect for what is being said and why. All this is systematic of the necessity to look at life from a new perspective.