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Light at the End of the Tunnel

Light at the End of the Tunnel Various Beings through Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD

The Divine Hosts of Light: As your world spins seemingly out of control, we hold a higher vision for humanity. The present challenge is a test for a world in transition. Will old ways continue? Will you continue to pursue your dreams and desires at the expense of others? Will money be the highest value, or will love and connection replace the pursuit of material things in a never-ending game of who has the most and the best and who is better than the rest?

The challenge for humanity at this time is to awaken fully and become wise stewards of Earth, guiding the destiny of the planet into a more enlightened era by living as your highest selves and operating from more conscious, clear, and directed ways that fulfill a divine, rather than human, plan. Will you succeed in awakening in time to bring the world into the glory of the divine template that has been revealed to many? Will you follow the golden rule and live by the laws of life that want only goodness for every soul that dwells in these matter planes? These choices are yours.

We, who see the world from a higher vantage, understand the great shift in consciousness underway and how the awakening is allowing truth to be unveiled at last so that the darkness can be seen for what it is and eradicated from Earth. This darkness is within and without. It lives in the psyches of humanity like a virus that has tainted, corrupted, and contained many souls in its virulent matrix. To be released from inner darkness, you must go within and address the aspects that live in the unconscious (or beyond conscious awareness). To transform yourself into the gold of true nature is an ancient art known throughout time in the mystery schools.