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Instantaneous Manifestation for the New World

Instantaneous Manifestation for the New World Inspired Guidance through Christopher Pinckley

Greetings, fellow beings of light. Vibrational acceleration is now in full effect. By now, you are most likely painfully aware of the effects of your unmonitored thoughts, words, and deeds. For conscious beings, the luxury of unconscious thinking and acting is no longer possible. You cannot hope to achieve all that you’ve come here to achieve and experience and also simultaneously allow yourself lapses into unconsciousness. The time for that has come and gone as we enter the phase of accelerated thought manifestation.

You are entering the realm of instantaneous manifestation. You see the results of unprecedented, accelerated energy on the vibrational density of this planet’s mass mind. You’re not witnessing something new. This is merely the mass mind’s deeply held suppressed emotions pushed to the surface. Physical manifestations of the resultant unconscious reactivity are the outcome. You witness those vibrating at the level of fear and hate faced with their collective, unhealed, and suppressed emotions.

Karma can refer to all suppressed emotional charges accumulated through lifetimes in third-density physicality. All the suppressed emotional charges emit a vibrational magnetism and form the basis of your core vibrational rate of attraction.