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If only we understood the power that lives within us, fear would have no power over us. Many have reclaimed their lives from danger, uncertainty, and destruction not only during the current pandemic but also throughout the worst times in human history. We tend to view them as special or extraordinary. The truth is that we all have the same opportunities that they did.

We can choose to access the built-in failsafe that we all were born with. Somehow they dug down very deep into the life in which they were struggling and discovered a powerful mechanism for self-transcendence. Simply put, the courageous choose to experience hope, and those who collapse have not discovered it.

Your ability to experience hope is part of your birthright as a human being. No one and nothing can take it away. No matter how deeply your heart has been broken, how badly your body has been beaten, or how fragmented your frightened mind has become, hope’s power can rise up within you.