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The Harmonic Flow of the Three Gates and the Twelve Cycles

The Harmonic Flow of the Three Gates and the Twelve Cycles Sri Ram Kaa & Kira Raa

Welcome to a truly dynamic year that will invite all to go beyond the boundaries of the accepted paradigms. The one energy is calling those who choose to enter deeply into the divine nature of the interdimensional weaving of energy as the limitless nature of pure flow.

This is the energy of the ascended realms of presence. Once embraced, this presence calls forward with clarity and certainty the mastery experience that has been spiraling around all since 2015. Twenty twenty-one is the final year of the seven-year ascension escalator that began in 2015 and has been steadily and lovingly lifting us all to prepare for this moment.

Celebrate, for this is the rich opportunity to call into your life experience the full and complete awareness that we are, indeed, multidimensional. This is the call to greater freedom. It invites us to fully release the stagnant energy that is holding ourselves back. All the reasons that the mind offers to justify limitation will find that they no longer serve the ascended presence.