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The Great Reckoning

The Great Reckoning The Committee (a Group of Ascended Masters from beyond the Pleiades) through Laura Scott

Greetings and auspicious blessings, dear one. Welcome to the great reckoning. We see this new period of realignment as needed and necessary, supporting larger Earth energies creating and craving change. Your container is shifting. New foundations are being made for the coming decade and beyond. While this can be disorienting, it is not meant to be disarming or without purpose. Reckoning is rebirth.

Deconstruction brings opportunity for great quantum reconstruction. You will not be rebuilding old ways, carrying your weighted burdens from your past into your future, for that would only replicate your past and not assemble a sustainable new home. You would not consciously rebuild in a flooded area without believing in the reckoning power of floods, would you?

We offer observations. Many systems on your planet do not reflect the new energy needed for your evolving world and beings. Reckoning is brimming with opportunities for imminent growth, change, and improvement. We see it deeply stirring consciousness and calling for empowering transmutations. This is most wondrous, for your human condition is not structured to seek destabilizing changes without important reasons.