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The First Year of a New Direction

The First Year of a New Direction Xenanthium through Hugh Campbell

Humanity only embraces change when the alternative is too painful. This is just part of the human experience, as we are consumed with our little corners of the world and experiences. Since humanity does not seek change, change must move us forward, whether we’re ready for it or not. In reality, all change originates at the soul level. It originates at the nonphysical level where all experiences are decided and planned. Humanity, by design, was meant to move in a straight line until the wheels fell off, and that happened in 2020.

The year 2021 is the ninth year into the new wave of change that started in 2012. The number 9, in numerology, is the number of completion, and it will be the first year of a new direction in this new wave of change. We have referred to this time in previous writings as the New Renaissance. For this New Renaissance to occur, all the foundations that supported humanity until now needed to be brought into the light. What humanity will discover will be enlightening, to say the least.

This system — or, more exactly, this belief system — came from a place of fear, lack, and control. We have spent the past 2,020 years living in fear and supporting those of us who see fear around every corner instead of connecting with our souls and God selves, which know we are safe in all-ways and that we can all live in love, peace, harmony, and joy.